Kazuo Takahashi

Prof. Kazuo Takahashi is a leading scholar in international politics and Middle East studies in Japan.
He graduated from Osaka University in Persian Studies, and holds an MA in International Affairs from SIPA and an MPhil in International Relations from GSAS, Columbia University. Previously held positions include being a visiting researcher at the University of Kuwait and a tenured professor at the Open University of Japan.

Prof. Takahashi became the chairperson of the Global Institute of Emerging Security Technology in April 2018. He frequently appears in the media and has numerous publications to his name, including Arab and Israel; The structure of the Palestine issue (1992), Iran and the United States (2013) and Modern international politics (2018). His hobbies are haiku, tanka (classical Japanese poetry) and squash.

高橋 和夫


Tomohiro Ozawa

Tomohiro Ozawa holds a Bachelor of and Master of Engineering from Tokyo University of Science. He worked for Sony as a senior manager from 1993 to 2011. After leaving Sony Corp., Mr. Ozawa studied International relations and gained an MA from the Open University of Tokyo.

Currently, he is focusing on advanced technology affairs in an international political context such as cyber warfare and robotic warfare including LAWS. He is also a part-time lecturer at the Open University of Japan.

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